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Fall down the rabbit hole of imagination and creativity...

Providing Modeling Services for Over a Decade

    Like many of you, I started out with humble beginnings, growing up in the countryside of Upstate NY, with barely any money to my family name. I attended college, graduating with a degree in veterinary medicine, hoping to be able to live a comfortable and happy life, sustaining off of my own income.

    After working in the field for about a year, I thought to myself, "Wow, I'm not going to be able to make it in life with the amount of money I'm being paid. I have so much more to offer to the world than working in a career that does not value me as much as I value it." Don't get me wrong, we need veterinary services. I absolutely loved my job in medicine, but before I ever return someday, there is something else I need to do first - I had to strike out, and discover all that the world has to offer.

    I dove into modeling even while I was still in college. Boy, I wish I could tell myself back then about all of the amazing experiences I was going to soon discover after quitting my 9-5 job, and jumping into freelance modeling full time. There is no greater joy than traveling, which I get to do almost constantly throughout my career. There is no greater enrichment than experiencing new places with all of my senses at once, and to meet the local people and discuss life with them, as they see it through their perspective.

    The art I manifest through my body is the greatest gift of all. The greatest honor I could have is when someone tells me that my presence makes their whole day better. Each person perceives art differently, and I am proud to say that, no matter the audience, my image will always invoke emotion from my viewers. I challenge my viewers to think openly, whether that be through my appearance in media, or through my in-depth writings and lectures.

    Freelance modeling has also lead me to other entrepreneurial endeavors, which I created to further help our industry grow and thrive. Moxie Models Masterclass is almost here! These will be classes tailored for aspiring models to learn how the modeling industry works, and to teach them how to build their career effectively. Muses In Wonderland is a model photography event that I established in 2021, benefitting models, photographers, and brands alike. I have also picked up a new passion for model photography from the other side of the lens, now shooting models with my Nikon z6ii whenever the opportunity arises.




Touring Internationally

Bringing each photographer's vision to life, and making the concept my own.

If you are a photographer who is seeking a professional model, without going through the hassle of hiring a model through agencies

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Moxie Models Masterclass

Become a Freelance Model.
It's easier than you think.

If you've always wanted to model, or are a model who wants to know more, this is for you!

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Muses In Wonderland

Fall down the rabbit hole of imagination and creativity...

For Brands, Photographers, and other Producers who wish to hire so
me of the most professional and the best up-and-coming models

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Build lasting impressions from those in the community and grow your online presence.

For those who want to share their portfolio, and gain traction directly with other models and photographers.

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Visual Takeover

Bringing out the beauty in everyone, models and friends alike.

For those who are just getting started and need a portfolio, or for those who wish to elevate their current portfolio.

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